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New projects on the horizon include a new website for Peg Lynch, "the woman who invented sitcom." With radio clips and videos of her landmark series, Ethel and Albert. A predecessor of I Love Lucy, Ethel and Albert offers a comedic glimpse into the domestic relationship of two middle class homebodies as they wrestle with the simple yet idiosyncratic ups and downs of everyday life.


Now in her 97th year, Lynch is set to release this landmark property, offering select episodes to fans, signed original scripts, as well as copies of scrapbook memorabilia collected over the years. Site launch: mid-May 2014.

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March 2014

A few weeks ago, a client asked me to look into augmented reality to see how it could be applied apply to her particular product and service. While augmented reality is not as ubiquitous as its erstwhile cousin, "virtual reality," the term "augmented" elicits an immediate and instinctive understanding and placement within the dimensional realms. More…